What Are Termites And How To Get Rid Of Them?

If given a slight advantage, termites can cause significant damage to your home. Fortunately, the following tips will give you affordable and effective tips and solutions that will help you rid your home of the pests for good.

Termites �” What Are They?

These are colony pests, and there are different types of termites. These insects feed on cellulose, and this means that every home in the country can play host to this silent and potentially deadly pest. They can appear in pieces of wood or plant materials without showing any indication that they are present.

Termites are experts at tearing around tough cellulose materials. However, they will just as easily eat away at a book as they would at feed on the cabinets in your kitchen.

Get Rid of Termites

As previously discussed, there are several types of termites that can invade your home such as:


It does not matter where your home is located, it can be affected by one or all of the different types of termites. Drywood termites are the most commonly found termites in the home because they not only consume the wood in the home, they also live in the wood. On the other hand, subterranean termites build their mounds outside and then dig underground tunnels from the mounds to the interior of your home by entering the home underneath the foundation.

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Signs Of Termite Infestation

The most common sign of a termite infestation is visual confirmation. You may see winged termites when they are trying to leave. They can also be seen around windows and doors. It is also common to see winged termites hovering around wooden furniture, flooring or cabinets.

Get Rid of Termites

Fortunately, you do not have to wait until Spring to see signs of a possible termite infestation. Some of the signs are:

Mud tubes outside of your home
Cracked or bubbled paint
Hollow sounds in solid wood

How Can You Get Rid Of Termites?

Before you begin the process of removing termites from your home, you must first remove their food sources. This may mean that you will need to move the wood pile away from your home or any excess paper debris from around your home.

You will also need to prevent them from accessing the interior of your home by blocking their access points. Inspect your fencing, decking and any other wood components around your home for damage. Immediately hire a contractor for bug control if you suspect there is termite damage around your home.